Leading edge technology for metalworking emissions solutions.

Mist Eliminators at the best …Engineered to overcome many of the short falls of other technologies and designs. The design minimizes the reliance on replaceable filters, provides exceptional fluid drainage, suitable for high mist applications, exceptional air quality, low maintenance and low life-cycle cost.

Mist eliminators that will contribute to the bottom line… After all, an unclean plant is an expensive plant, to company & employees. Contaminated air causes health problems, absenteeism, increased equipment & facility maintenance, all translates to production and profit losses.

Mist eliminators that exceed plant air quality by broad margins… Don’t be misled by efficiency claims, it is easy to be 99% efficient by removing large droplets, yet exhaust air remains above today’s air quality demands. Exhaust mist measurement is what matters.

Clean air…typically less than 0.050 mg/m3, recommended plant limit 0.5mg/m3. Let our sales experts show you.

AEROEX Advantages

  • Multi-Stage separation
  • Removes mist, smoke and bacteria.
  • Up to 95% of mist separated without replaceable filters.
  • Unique permanent 1st and 2nd separation stages.
  • Life cycle greater than 10 years, 1st & 2nd separation stages. • Optional On-Line Cleaning system.
  • Fluid readily drains to reduce evaporation and odors.
  • Low life cycle costs.