Blaser Swisslube, a name synonymous worldwide for Stability, Performance and Safety.


Willy Blaser, pioneer and founder of Blaser Swisslube has from the beginning set the philosophy of developing environmentally safe and operator friendly lubricants. This philosophy is carried on until today in the whole line of Blaser products; without any compromise. Blaser Swisslube has only one standard available worldwide that complies with the strictest regulations bodies of California USA, Germany and UK.

Blaser’s always evolving research and development program develops formulations that work in synergy with the customers’ needs.

The efforts have placed Blaser as the worldwide leader in what is called now ‘Liquid Tool’ or metalworking fluids. With one of the largest R&D department in the field of metalworking fluids, Blaser proposes wide product range meeting all the applications of today’s metalworking industry keeping in mind the Blaser advantage for the user.

The Japanese, European and American machine tools manufacturer will tell You : ‘choose BLASOCUT to protect your investment, Your CNC machines!’

The MMP agents worldwide will tell You : ‘Choose BLASOCUT to optimize your cutting tool life, for material compatibility and corrosion protection of your machined parts and production equipments.’

The maintenance, Health and Safety agents will tell You : ‘Choose BLASOCUT for the environmental properties, its recycling abilities and for the safety of the Operators.
The industries where we focus are the most critical : Aerospace, Transport, Medical and Space.

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